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How long does it take to replace the brake pipe?

One of the great pleasures of a motorcycle is running a mountain. On the weekend, I have a friend of three or two, and I am looking for a mountain bike ride. When it comes to motorcycles running around the mountain, I think everyone has to go downhill and downhill. It is necessary to control the speed of the downhill slope. The speed is too fast. It is quite dangerous on the downhill section of the mountain road, especially the downhill section of the  encountering a turn. The road section, if the speed is too fast, is likely to fly out, and the brakes are useless. In the face of such a long downhill section, if you choose the brakes, it is really too hurt! Newcomers need to pay special attention, today we will share the motorcycle, how to properly and effectively down the slope.

Whether it is a motorcycle or a car, in the long downhill section, the speed of the vehicle and the downward force of its own, resulting in the same speed of the vehicle, the friction required for braking on the downhill section is much larger than that of the flat road. Under such circumstances, the excessive use of the brakes has the effect that the brake pads are excessively consumed, and the heat of the brake discs is excessively accumulated, resulting in excessive temperature and serious failure.

In the face of long downhill sections, the correct and effective method is to use engine braking. The engine brake is safer and more reliable than the brake. At the same time, the engine brake can effectively control the speed of the vehicle. There is almost no damage to the car. A qualified old driver must master such driving skills.

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